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About Us

Corbeil's Country Online Store was founded in June of 2020 with the first goal in mind to provide a high-quality, smart, and reliable online store. This passion has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. 

Our second goal is to help our community and those in need where we can. We have donated some of our sales to the local food bank and volunteer fire department, and have tried to help others in times of need where we can. While we are working hard on our rebranding and reorganizing, we are working equally as hard to come up with some great ideas for fundraising. Stay tuned for what we have in the making.

Meet the Team

Ron Lavigne
Owner, Founder, Legend

Ron is the face and founder of Corbeil's Country Online Store. Known for his cowboy hat and gift of the gab (he can be quite a Chatty Kathy), he is more than likely who you’ll be dealing with when you place an order. You’ll find this big tough guy has a heart of gold and his happiness lies within the little things in life, random road trips, and dogs.


Melissa Collins
Dungeon Dweller, Dog Mom, Digital Mastermind

Melissa prefers to be in the background looking after the website and boring stuff. Her passions are inventory, organizing, and spreadsheets (she often claims that “spreadsheets are life”). Beyond her nerdly passions, animal rescue is where her heart is and has fostered many rescues over the years.

Big Sister, Protector, Love Sponge

Willow is our rock. She’s strong and steady, and we can always count on her unwavering support. She keeps her brothers in line, but she always looks out for them and is first in line when they need protection from another dog, a tarp blowing in the wind, or need to be let out in the middle of the night. She is a master cuddler, has telepathic powers, and is deeply empathetic.


Goofy Goober, Personal Trainer, Pro Toy Player

Sam is the goofiest of all goobers. His favorite things are toys, making people laugh, toys, anything sweet, toys, and playing toys. Toys ARE life and they solve all problems. Sad? Sam prescribes toys. Ready for bed? You’ll sleep better if you play toys first. Broken arms? Toys will make you better. One of his jobs is washing dishes and he takes it very seriously. Most of the time, we can just put them right back in the cupboard and nobody knows the difference

Nanny, PSW, Helicopter Mom

Billy is a special boy. We sometimes wonder why we pay him, but we’re frequently reminded that we wouldn’t survive without him. He reminds us where the toilet is, he jumps us and smothers us in kisses to bring us back to life when we sneeze, and he checks in every 30 mins to give quick hugs in case we feel alone. If he thinks we’re hungry, he won’t think twice about stealing his brother’s bone and dropping it on our chest so we can munch on bones together. Always happy Billy also enjoys people singing to him, yelling at people while providing kisses, and running in circles.


Dictator, Master of Manipulation

Porter was a feral rescue...Melissa’s first foster 11 years ago and obviously a foster fail. No more life on the streets for him – he is now a household dictator and self-proclaimed ruler of the world. Without him, there would be no order, no rules to follow, and we would have no purpose. When Porter is off duty, he can be found curled up with Melissa for TV time and belly rubs.

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