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This LED pendant lamp uses a crystal lampshade with excellent light transmission to improve the light quality and create an amazing lighting environment. It is simple and exudes art, building an elegant and romantic leisure space for you. This lamp is your best choice both for decoration and lighting

What's Included?

  • Canopy
  • Built-in LED Light


  • Three light colours - The white light is bright, the warm light is romantic and the natural light is comfortable. You can choose different lights to achieve different lighting effects, thus showing different atmospheres
  • Adjustable chain - The light's chain lengths are all adjustable to accommodate both high and low ceilings for better lighting and decorative effect
  • Led light source - The light uses an LED light source, which is more efficient and energy-saving than other light sources, and the soft and non-stroboscopic lighting effect also takes care of the family's visual health
  • 360° illumination - The oval lamp body design allows for 360° illumination with a range of 193.75-236.8ft², illuminating your house with fewer dark areas
  • Robust and durable - It is made of high-quality crystal and stainless steel with a fine electroplating finish, which is resistant to corrosion, heat, and age

Kelechi 1 - Light Single Geometric LED Pendant

SKU: L-0033
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