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Uses a direct connection to the tow vehicle's battery to power the trailer's stop/turn/tail/running lights without overloading the vehicle's electrical system Use when: trailer has more than 1 light assembly per side and is equipped with multiple clearance or running lights; if tow vehicle may tow a variety of trailers; if tow vehicle has 'lamp out' sensors Re-settable short circuit/overload protection - guards itself and the tow vehicle from shorts and wiring install mishaps; rated at 4.2 amps for turn/stop circuits, 7.5 amps for taillight circuit For vehicles with pulse width modulation (PWM) taillights, ensuring full brightness of the trailer lights; use on 2 or 3 wire systems; works with LED and/or incandescent bulbs (vehicle & trailer)

Tow Ready 119190 ModuLite HD Protector with Integrated Circuit

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